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 Online Research

Ten Papers on Internet and Online Research in Austria 1997-2004  
Praktische Onlineforschung in Österreich 2005 (.pps 5,3 MB) 
Use of the Internet at the end of 2005

New: Online Research 2008

 Symbols Research (most papers in German)

Institute for Symbols Research                

The Arms and Flags of Austria and her Länder    
The Development of the Austrian Arms and Flag since 1915

Austrian Arms before 1915
     Historical Arms (overview)

The Austrian double eagle       
Austrian postage stamps         
Austrian monuments
The political symbolism of St. Stephen's Cathedral Vienna

Songs that rocked Austria - The strange history of the Austrian National Anthem
Austrian National Anthem (.mp3)    from BBC (.ram)

The Development of the Swastika                       Hexagram and "Magen David" 
Symbols of Ukraine - the "Chernivtsi Austria"     The personification of "Austria"

The Symbols of Europe (.ppt English)
     The Symbols of Europe (.pdf English)
Flags, Anthems, Mottos - Constitutions for Austria and Europe (Essay)

European Anthem (German text)

European Anthem (English text) 

European Anthem (Latin text and music -  mp3 - 900 KB) 

Book 1 "Die Symbole Österreichs" ("The Symbols of Austria")   Index of book
Note: The book is out of print - a limited number of copies are still available for scholars
--> Here you can look at most of the text online <--

  Book 2  "Die Wiener Bezirke"
The arms of the 23 districts of Vienna - for the first time in full color - Euro 22,90

Book 3 "Kurt Regschek - Meister der Gegensätze
Life and oevre of a Viennese artist representing "Fantastic Realism" - Euro 49,90

Short Biography of Dr. Peter Diem

My native city is Vienna, the capital of Austria. Born on April 7th, 1937, I grew up in Vienna.
My studies comprised English Interpreting and Law (University of Vienna ‘58/'60) and Political Science (Southern Illinois University, M.S. '61).

After 12 years as campaign manager and public opinion expert with the Austrian People's Party (OEVP - Christian Democrats) and two years of market research for the Fritz Molden Publishing House, I started to build up audience research for ORF, the Austrian Radio and Television Corporation, in 1979.

With the help of my department, responsible for audience research in public service radio and TV, the ORF introduced a modern TV people meter system (TAM) in 1990. I was chairman of GEAR (the Group of European Audience Researchers) for three consecutive years.

Most of the work of my former department is documented on the website of the ORF at http://mediaresearch.orf.at.The site contains a wealth of information about the electronic media in Austria. Towards the end of my service in the ORF, I included online research into my program - inspired by the superb performance of ORF ON (cf. http://orf.at and 
my papers on internet research).  Since my retirement at the end of 1998, online market research has become my main field of interest. From 1999 to 2011 I acted as a consultant for GfK, Austria's leading market research firm (http://www.gfk.at/index.en.html) and its partner companies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Building up commercial online market research for CEE included both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Privately, I am interested in political symbols such as flags, arms, and national anthems.
My book "Die Symbole Oesterreichs" ("The Symbols of Austria") is unfortunately out of print.
However, its full text is available on the web at:

The materials on political symbols have been supplemented and updated and is available at

For a list of my other books cf. http://www.peter-diem.at/frontpages/bio.htm

Together with Dr. Trautl Brandstaller I work for the creation of a "House of Austrian History". For details please go to: http://members.aon.at/proaustria 

Since 2009 I am serving as co-publisher of the Austrian Online Knowledge Wiki called “Austria-Forum”: http://austria-forum.org which comprises more than 250.000 text and multi-media entries.

For more information please cf. http://peter-diem.at and http://oktogon.at